Pre-Made Silicone Mermaid Tail

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Pre - Made Silicone mermaid tail for sale - Free shipping anywhere in the world!

This beautiful green and gold tail is equipped with our Manini Fluke and Parrotfish scales. This tail has a finis trainer monofin, a set of Anela Ankle Fins, our Koa Dorsal Fin, Scale Highlighting, and delicate spots/striping along the sides. Tail has been minimally used and is in like-new condition. Measurements listed below:

Will fit the following:

Height between 5ft - 5'5''

Shoe size between 7 - 8.5 (US)

Body Circumference :

Waist at Belly Button : 26" - 30"

Butt : 32" - 36"

Knees: 33" - 37"

Calves: 21" - 35"

Ankles: 14" - 16"

Top not included but can be custom ordered.