Reserved for Claudia "Atlantis Tail"

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Pre-Made Silicone Mermaid tail equipped with Finis Trainer Monofin for sale

Named the "Atlantis Tail" for its varying hues of blue and regal gold accents, this pre-made silicone tail flaunts Parrotfish Scales, an Odyssey Fluke, Odyssey Ankle Fins and Gold Scale Enhancements (each scale is outlined in gold paint to create a 3D effect.)

This tail has been used in 1 photoshoot and is in Brand New condition.

Measurements are as follows:

Suggested height : 5'7 - 6'0

(Model is 5'7) Waistline can be trimmed and painted to match purchaser's skin tone)

Shoe Size: between 8.5-10 (US)

Body Circumference :

Waist at Belly Button : 29" - 35"

Butt : 36" - 42"

Knees: 20" - 26 "

Calves: 20" - 36"

Ankles: 14" - 16"

Top not included but can be custom ordered.