Hokulani Tail

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*Brand New!*

This tail was inspired by that moment just after the summer sun sets; when the sky lights up with fuchsia infused clouds and the deep violet cloak beyond them reveals its smattering of twinkling stars. With its frontal palette of warm orange and pink that blends into a deep purple and transitions to a shimmering black on the back, this tail is accented with golden spot patterning and blue hues on the fluke and accessory fins. A vibrant piece of art, this SeeThroughSea original is ready to meet the mer who will love it forever and do this spectacular piece justice! 

This tail was only used once (in a photoshoot) and is in new condition.

Details on the tail are as follows: 



Scale Pattern:





Double Odyssey Dorsal ($380)

Accessory Fins:

Odyssey Ankle Fins (Complimentary)

Hannah Hip Fins ($350)

Additional Designs:

Front and Back Custom Spot Pattern ($100)


** Silicone is a flexible material that will stretch within a few inches of the measurements it was designed for. We recommend your measurements fluctuate no more that 3" more or less than those listed below.

Waist: 26.5”
Hips: 35”
Butt: 36.5”
Mid Thigh: 33.5”
Knees: 23”
Calves: 24”
Ankles: 15”

Shoe size : 8-10
Made for someone in the 5’5 - 5’8 range.